Saint Augustine of Canterbury School
Class of 2019


John Michael A. Ella F. Theresa M. Kayla S.
Patrick B. Kylie F. Dylan N. Delaney S.
Jaeden B. Gabriel G. Lacey O. Jake S.
Riot B. Chelsy G. Kramer O. Jessie T.
Reese C. Jordan G. Sergio P. Pranav T.
Aidan C. Taleb H. Joshua R. Aaron T.
Brandon D. Timothy H. Enrique R. Chris V.
Gabrielle D. Robert I. Sasha S. Laura V.
Conor D. Alyssa M. Julianna S.  



Medals are awarded to the following students who have displayed exemplary work in a certain subject area.
  Gold Medal Silver Medal
Religious Studies: Jessie T. Alyssa M.
Language Arts: Sasha S. Timothy H.
Mathematics: Gabrielle D. Timothy H.
Algebra: Jaeden B. Lacey O.
Social Studies: Theresa M. Jaeden B.
Science: Lacey O. Pranav T.
Technology: Alyssa M. Aidan C.
World Language: Sasha S. Lacey O.
Physical Education: Dylan N. Julianna S.
Fine Arts: John Michael A. Kayla S.
Overall Academic Excellence in All Subject Areas: Chelsy G.

Presidential Academic Excellence Award: Jaeden B. Thersea M.
  Chelsy G. Lacey O.
  Jordan G. Sasha S.
  Timothy H. Kayla S.
  Alyssa M. Pranav T.

President's Achievement Award: Reese C.  
  Kramer O.  
  Julianna S.  
  Jake S.  

Saint Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Barbarigo Award: Sasha S. and Kramer O.

Father Reilly Memorial Award: Julianna S.

Monsignor Capano Scholarship: Theresa M.

Brother Robert Sheeley Scholarship: Robert I. and Pranav T.


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