Elementary School Wing

Grades K - 5

In our Elemantary School Wing, Kindergarten thru Grade 5 enjoy and learn in our fifteen classrooms - two of which are dedicated to Educational Services - and a Media Center. The rooms face wooded areas where the students can experience learning surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. There are two spacious bathrooms, for the boys and girls. Both ends of the Elementary School Wing open up to a lovely wooded area which is used for outdoor educational experiences.

The Elementary School Wing (Grades K-5) is self-contained (interchanging of Social Studies and Science classes) takes place. The students participate in Music, Art, Computer, Physical Education, Library and World Language. Band is available beginning in grade 3. The students enjoy our cafeteria with round tables, where each unit (K-2) and (3-5) have their own special lunch time followed by recess in a very large playground area.


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