Dear Parents, Guardians, and Guests,

Welcome to our homework information page. After a year of study, research and discussion with faculty, staff and parents we have come to the decision to post homework on our website. It was a team effort in making this project possible for our parents.

What is the student's role in this process? The students need to form the habit of copying their homework from the blackboard/ whiteboard. The homework site is meant not to take the place of each student's responsibilities, but to serve as a tool to gide and inform parents. It is another attempt to connect school and home learning. It will be helpful when your child misses school too. Just a reminder that homework and make-up work can never replace teacher instruction and student interaction which takes place during class. Homework publication will be available after 3:30 PM.

Tests and projects and rubrics are usually posted on the class web page and/or the curriculum page under the appropriate subject. It is strongly recommended that if your student completes his/her homework quickly that you encourage him/her to study class notes and/or visit the recommended sites by the classroom teachers for reinforcement or enrichment. We are trying to encourage our students to be self-motivated and to see learning as a process. Studying each and every night is a very important component of learning. It enables the students to "store information" into long-term memory.

There is wonderful material on the value of homework and "helps" for parents on the web. Rather than "re-create the wheel" and/or repeat the information some of the websites are listed for your information. These are only a few:

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