Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Augustine of Canterbury School is to foster in its students a love and respect for the values found in Catholicism. Saint Augustine of Canterbury School is dedicated to proclaiming the message of Jesus, to teaching His truth and extending His love while providing an academic program based on excellence and full development of the talents and abilities of the students. The children will develop a lasting relationship with God and a respect for self and others within the framework of an education that fosters self-discipline, creativity, and flexibility. The students will be given the independence to develop their distinct personality that God has given them.

Our Students

Over the years the diverse student body of St. Augustine of Canterbury School has grown, we have focused an appreciation for excellence, self-discipline and initiative, creativity and flexibility, and importance of Catholic Faith, which has stood the test of time.

All 542 students are eagerly welcome to thrive and grow, and to develop an enthusiasm for a lifelong love of learning in our beautiful facility and environment.

Our classes have doubled in size including Pre-Kindergarten because of our fine reputation. Geographically, the students reside in the vicinity of the surrounding suburban communities. Our students arrive happily to school either by bus, or car, and are nurtured and challenged. Transportation is provided by South Brunswick, Franklin and North Brunswick Townships.

In a seamless bond of unity students continue to remain in our school from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. Our students have above-average and average ability levels. Consequently many of our students are accepted into the High Schools of their choice, including private prestigious schools, and into the Honors Program

Where We Excel

We, at St. Augustine of Canterbury School, foster a faith-filled environment encouraging its students to achieve their fullest potential. We excel as a Catholic School in these areas:

Catholic values are evident everywhere in the daily interaction of students, Pastor, Principal, faculty, staff, and parents. Catholicity is visible through respectful relationships that exist among and throughout the school community, prayer, sacraments, liturgical celebrations, service projects and activities that are extended to many charitable organizations.

The Pastor is highly supportive and resourceful towards Catholic Education and works in close collaboration with the principal, the faculty and staff to make St. Augustine of Canterbury School a “state of the art’ school

Maintaining high academic standards in accordance with state and diocesan guidelines; most students surpass the standards and rank above national and diocesan averages for standardized testing.

God-given talents abound in numerous school activities such as a competitive athletic program, academic clubs, and student government.

A nurturing faculty has an awareness of the need for diversity in teaching strategies, and participates in professional development and updates.

It is evident throughout the school that pride is taken in providing a safe, clean and well-maintained facility. Our modern, air-conditioned facility has a new elementary wing and the addition of two new pre-kindergarten classrooms and an all-purpose room on twenty acres of beautifully maintained property.

Up-to-date technological resources including a wireless laptop mobile cart, classroom televisions with student-initiated broadcasting capabilities and special events school wide.

An overwhelming number of graduates achieve high honors while attending high-school; and they continue to excel in their academic endeavors including placement in honors courses.

Many of our students have been published and won awards for essay and poetry submissions. Our school was the Language Arts recipient of the Creative Communications Merit School Grant for Excellence in Writing.

The positive spirit among the school, parish and home community, and parent volunteers assist us to create a cooperative school community like a family and contribute to our commitment to our school’s excellence.

We at Saint Augustine School dedicate ourselves to continuing to achieve our goals and our mission.

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