Canterbury Corner Pre-K

“We teach children to love, by first loving them.”

Our educational journey begins in the Pre-Kindergarten Wing, which has three very large spacious and airy classrooms which are connected and a faculty room. These rooms are tiled and carpeted. The bright classrooms which face the school’s wooded and grass…..acres enhance the learning environment. Our most recent Pre –K addition contains two large, tiled classrooms with an all purpose room and a mini kitchen area. It opened in September 2006. It is called McGivney Hall and is the home of our Pre-K 4 classes. The schedule of classes is flexible to meet our parents needs.

Your child will receive the benefits of a full educational curriculum. This includes: Language Arts, Math, Physical Education and Health, Computers, Religion, Art, Science and Social Studies.

Your child will learn in a whole group setting, as well as in small groups using hands-on learning experiences and activities. The classrooms are equipped with different learning centers, where the themes change weekly. A ‘state of the art’ computer lab is available to our Pre-K children. Each of our classrooms has a computer with internet access, a printer and scanner as well as a Cable TV with video, DVD and St. A’s own internal broadcasting systems. The learning environment that we have created promises to be friendly, and inviting, encouraging the children to have fun while learning. Our relaxed atmosphere will stimulate their curiosity for learning, helping them to grow intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We recognize that early childhood education should be a journey, not a race. Each child will travel at his/her own pace according to his/her individual background of prior experiences as well as current and future needs. Our goal is to help develop the whole personality of each child through motor, sensory and intellectual learning situations. This will be done through our developmentally appropriate activities and exciting experiences in the curriculum. The Canterbury Corner Pre-Kindergarten Program also offers time and space for each child to play freely, explore and imagine. Children of all races, cultures and religions are welcome!

School trips will also supplement the curriculum and classroom experiences.

Why Choose Canterbury Corner?

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