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The following websites have been researched and they are St. Augustine's technology information resources.

While our teachers do use these websites to enhance the student-learning process in the classroom, we 
encourage our parents and students to use these online tools outside the classroom to gather information 
and apply acquired knowledge.

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10 Classroom Tips to Improve Test Scores (Edmentum.com)
5 day-of-testing tips, 4 assessment preparation best practices, and a DOK levels resource

Elementary High-Stakes Test Taking Checklist (Edmentum.com)
Test taking is a skill, and knowing how to correctly take a test can improve scores dramatically.
This checklist provides ten strategies for learners to use when taking a test.

K - 12 Test Preparation: Math, Reading, Science (EDinformatics.com)

"How to Raise a Reader" (Common Sense Media blog)
10 tips for getting your kids hooked on books -- ebooks or the paper kind.

Science, Math, and Technology Practice Tests (Jefferson Lab)
Practice tests provided by the Virginia Department of Education



NBC Learn: Writers Speak to Kids (from NIEonline.com) 
The NBC Learn special collection of children's book authors sharing their writing
experience to help students learn more about the craft and techniques of creative writing.

Resources for Writing Prompts (from TeachersFirst.com) 
This collection of reviewed resources includes many types of writing prompts,
both visual and verbal, to inspire writing.

This interactive site will read stories to your students and give them site words before they read.  
This is great for beginning readers.  Each story page is animated with sound. 

This site has short stories with picture for students to read on their own. 

This site has terrific information on books for your students.   It has best sellers, picture books, 
storytellers, various genres etc.  Check it out!




Bedtime Math
This site has many opportunities for various ages to do mental math. It is meant to be enjoyable and develop a love for mathematics. It is a great way for children to practice and keep their math skills sharp during the summer months as well.

Get Ready! Get Set! Go! Great Math  Fun Fact Sites for Grades K-4

Easy Practice for Grades 5 & 6

Timed Division Challenge

A Mobile Math List: Games for Elementary Students

Numbers/Order of Operations/Money/Fractions


This site allows your students to drag money in the piggy bank.   They have to know the correct coins 
to add up to a certain amount of money. 

This allows you to decide which skill you would like your students to work on and they can easily work 
on this independently for drill and practice.   It has the four operations. 

This site has arithmetic cards where students can use the order of operations to create a
problem where the answer is given with cards.

This is the site that the publishers of the math textbook series created.  It is by Prentice Hall.  It has an 
activity for each chapter in the book.

This is the site that the publishers of the math textbook series created.  It is by Prentice Hall.  It has
 an activity for each chapter in the book. 

This is a great site to tell your students about.  It is an online math tutor that will answer any math
 question for any level within 24 hours. 

This site has everything you need to teach your kids in math.   It has subtopics 
on measurement, money, numbers, and tables.

With this site you can create flashcards with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
 square roots, rounding, or custom flashcards.


With the NCTM Standards Website, learn about length, perimeter, area, and volume of similar 
objects by using interactive figures.

"Math in the middle...of Oceans" includes a video segment and print materials devoted to Aquariums.


Examine geometry first hand by using this web activity to draw boxes using toothpicks.

An Excel spreadsheet with a blank table for polygon interior angle values that can be used to find patterns

Marilyn Burns talks about what a reform-based classroom looks like.

Geometer's Sketchpad, a dynamic geometry software, is available at this site.

A set of java activities in mathematics


A general view of the Euler Relationship can be found here, the NCTM Student Math Notes site under the 
"Let's Be Discrete" link

This is the address that the link, "Let's Be Discrete", in the above link will bring you to. 
(Requires Adobe Reader)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. See Principles and standards for school mathematics, 
as well as the Navigations and the on-line Illuminations.

Webmath: Web-based interactive mathematics resources (Dictionary, Formulas, etc...)

Key Curriculum Press: Textbook and Software Publisher specializing in the Geometer's Sketchpad 
and references for GSP.

History of geometry



Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

"America's New Frontier"

This site is an interactive site which will take the kids on a journey west with either Thomas Jefferson, 
or Lewis and Clark.  It has sound and motion and an interactive map. 

This site has actual photos, maps and diary entries of The Donner Party as they traveled west.  
It also has entries of other families who have traveled west. 

This site is nicely organized so you can find your way.  It has video of historians talking about why people 
left for the west and their hardships going along the Oregon Trail. 

Really have your kids get a feel for what the actual 49ers went through as they journey west to seek gold.   
This takes you right to diary entries of the 49ers on the way to seek gold during the gold rush.  Just click
 on the flag and you will view a picture and diary entry of those traveling west.

This site is perfect for kids.  It is very basic and easy to follow.  It has short paragraphs with fun and 
weird facts about the gold rush your students will find very interesting.  It also includes teacher resources.

This site has lesson plan ideas on Tall Tales including Davey Crockett and other famous Tall Tales.  
This site also provides information on poetry writing, literature and other subject areas. 

This exciting site provides some tours for this unit or for other units in social studies.  There are questions
posed for each site and pictures for on each site.  There are arrows for students to click 
to move to the next site.

The Civil War

This site provides a timeline of the civil war but it also has excellent pictures of battlegrounds and
 important individuals during the civil war time period.  These pictures would be great for 
a PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of the civil war. 

This site provides timelines for any occasion.  It covers timelines for current issues to timeline of slavery 
and the civil war.  Some have graphs for students to view the changes over time periods.  

This is an excellent site for kids.  Kids created it.  It is very basic for such a complex topic.  It has 
several pictures and information you can present to your class or the kids can use it independently.  
I also like the activities, with a word search, fill in the blank sheet and a diary.


A great way for your kids to practice the seven continents.   Each continent lights up and the student 
has to copy each move the computer makes.  This is great practice and repetition for your students.

This site takes you right to an activity for the seven continents.

This site has a map of the world along with detailed information about each continent and the oceans. 

This site has detailed information about the geography of our land.  It has maps, timelines, and 
other information in learning the make up of our land. 

A great geography game your kids can play independently or you can demonstrate with the class.  
It has various levels for United States or world geography.


 This site provides timelines for any occasion.  
It covers timelines for current issues to timelines of slaveryand the civil war.  Some have graphs
 for students to view the changes over time periods.


This site is absolutely perfect to introduce immigration and Ellis Island.  It has pictures of everything 
we talk about with the kids.  It even has a cookbook of various recipes of famous immigrants

This site is connected to the first site.  It goes through the entire processing process of immigrants
 through Ellis Island.  From the arrival to the departure to their new homes. 

This site is great for basic immigration research.  It has holidays, games and recipes for almost 
every nationality.  Perfect for easy immigration research.

The Revolutionary War Period

Elementary school students created this site.  It contains a map and a picture with each date.  
It has some basic information for students to view independently or the teacher can present
 this timeline of the revolutionary war to the class.

This site has actual pictures of battlegrounds and key individuals during this time period. It provides 
dates and a small paragraph about the event which occurred on the corresponding date.

This site has maps from the colonial times era.



Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Biology and Earth Science

Check out the various things to do within this site.  The Dzanga- Shangha link will put you through 
activities with various habitats on land and water.

This easy to use site has a graph called the Tree of Life.   It shows pictures and brief information 
about green plants and other life forms.

This site has a diagram and an explanation of the process of photosynthesis.

This site has excellent information on why plants are so important.


This site is very interactive and allows you to show your students the various species that live in the city.

This site gives you an activity to do with your students so they can see the relationship of how things
depend on each other in the web of life. 

This site is a great beginning for the ecosystems unit.  It gives the kids exposure to schoolyard wildlife. 

This site is great to add to the pollution part of this science kit.  It has a list of how people have affected
the environment throughout the years.

"Making Sense of Science"

This site is a perfect introduction into the floating and sinking unit.  It asks the kids to imagine they are
in a hot air balloon and why the balloon floats.

This incredible website allows you to click on various images that you may magnify as if you had a 
microscope.  It also has several lessons, you may enhance science, by showing students 
a video or an image magnified of an insect or outer space.

This interactive website provides videos and pictures about any form of science and math. 

This exciting site is something a student can work on independently or the teacher can use 
to with the class.  It provides guided questions or a focus on insects, dinosaurs, and other science topics.  

This site leads you to several hand-on science activities for kids to explore.



Marco Polo Internet Content for the Classroom



This site is perfect for creating a rubric.  It is quick and easy. Most of the work is done for you!

This site offers a wide variety of videoconferencing opportunities. 

If you want to know anything, come to this site.  It has every type of information you would want to know

This has exciting games for every content area.  A great and fun way for your kids to assess 
themselves and their knowledge.



This site gives kids the opportunity to create a story using artwork.  They can also view 
famous paintings and sculpture.


Researched by Stephanie Bacescki

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