Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Important Information Regarding the Coronavirus

We are asking you to speak with your children and offer factual and age appropriate information about the virus.  Teaching your children about positive preventive measures might help to reduce anxiety over the spread of the virus.  It is extremely important that we remain calm for the benefit of our children.  Below is a parent resource for talking to your children about coronavirus (COVID-19) from the National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Nurses.

  Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource

  Important Information from School Counselor Dr. William Walsh - 4/23/20

  A Letter to Parents from the Principal - 7/2/20

Entire School and Church Disinfected - April 24, 2020


  Letter from Father Bob to the School Community - 4/22/20

  Letter to Parents from Father Timothy Christy, Diocese of Metuchen Vicar General - 4/20/20

  Letter to Parents from the Diocese of Metuchen Office of Schools - 3/24/20

  A Message from the Bishop's Office Regarding the Coronavirus - 3/16/20

  Important Letter from the Principal - 3/16/20

  Letter to School Families from Bishop Checchio - 3/15/20

  Press Release from the Diocese of Metuchen Regarding the Celebration of Mass - 3/13/20

  Parent Letter from the Diocese of Metuchen Office of Schools Regarding the Coronavirus - 3/13/20

  Principal's Letter to Parents Regarding the Coronavirus - 3/10/20

The following resources have been provided by the South Brunswick Township
Office of Emergency Management in reference to the coronavirus:

Additional Resources

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