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“I want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students as we all tried to navigate such unchartered territory this year. You truly have done an amazing job and I had to take a moment and commend you because your commitment to ensuring the education of our children was simply bar none! I have friends with elementary aged students in several different school districts and at times the conversation was almost uncomfortable with them because as they were telling me everything that had gone wrong, I could only think of everything that was going right here at St A’s! To see the effort put forth by our teachers, staff, and administrators to make as seamless a transition as possible and ensure our kids did not miss a beat… again, I cannot put into words.”

“Dear Mrs. O'Donnell, thank you so much for an amazing school year!  Your patience, creativity, guidance, and kindness kept our child engaged and so eager to learn.  We are forever grateful!”

“Hello, Mrs. Knox. Hope you are doing well. We really appreciate your enthusiasm, dedication and amazing efforts you have taken to keep [our son] enthused about learning Computers. He enjoyed doing the makerspace project though at the beginning he was unsure if he will be able to do a good job. Your constant encouragement and guidance have helped him immensely during this year. Thank you for the positive influence you bring in his life and education. Have a great summer.”

“[My son] will always treasure his years at St A’s. He had the most beautiful years with such great teachers and role models. [He] will now go to high school with an amazing foundation that was built in St A’s. All I ever pursued was for him to have a closer relationship with God and through all the education at St A’s he can now truly profess his spiritual beliefs and be a stronger young man!”

“I just received [my child's High School] Graduation pictures today... During these unprecedented times I tend to reflect on my blessings. One of them was sending [him] to Saint A's school, besides instilling the core values we so dearly value as Catholics, he thrived in his education. I know that when we measure his successes now and in life, the starting line will start with Saint A's. ”

“Thank you for including Music (Italian, Art, Computer Science and Gym) classes in our Remote Learning.  Mrs Shirman created beautiful videos and the kids were really enjoying singing. It is beautiful to hear music and Italian in the home. We all benefit from these during this time.”

“Thank you, Sister, for your continued leadership and for all that SAS faculty and staff are doing for the SAS families. We miss everyone and can’t wait to be reunited! God bless!”

“Praise all your hard efforts. We’ll get through this together!”

“The teachers are doing a great job and hats off to them for being open and honest as they work through the kinks.  This week went much smoother.”

“Thank you to the teachers and support staff and to you Sister.  Thank you for recognizing how hard this is for the 8th graders.”

“Very impressed and very happy with all the teachers are doing for our children.”

“I have been extremely impressed with the teachers’ communication and level of work.”

“Thank you for all you do to keep the engagement and learning happening.  I particularly love the phone blasts and emails inviting us to pray together.  Please keep this going.”

“We are very happy with remote learning.  Thank you.”

“Great job!  Love how this is evolving.  Lots of hands and a great team!!”

“I feel that the teachers are doing a wonderful job.”

“Thank you so much for all you for our community.  God bless you all.”

“It is an interesting learning experience for everyone and encourage to help one another.  The tutorial was very helpful.”

“I am really impressed with the work the teachers and staff are doing.  Seeing all the communication from school and watching Sister read a story on Facebook was so great.  The Zoom calls have been great!”

“Mrs. Pullen has been so positive and uplifting.  She gave us more than enough resources but also left no pressure on the need to complete.”

“You’re doing a fantastic job!  We’re very grateful for all of you who continue to go in and do your jobs at school and at home so that our children can continue to learn and thrive.  Thank you!”

“Keep up the good work.”

“Just a great big thank you to all of the teachers and administrators for doing such a wonderful job.  We miss you!”

“We miss everyone!  Great job first few weeks of remote learning!  Thank you!”

“Thank you and God Bless!  Stay well Sister!  We pray for you every day.”

“I think our school did an excellent job considering the circumstances. [My child] is working for several hours each day and I hope he is learning as well. He converses with his friends and overall it has been a positive experience.”

“I think everyone is doing an amazing job with setting up the remote learning platform.  It has been an adjustment for everyone.  I understand the importance of the teachers interacting and I pray it continues.”

“Communication is great.  Teachers are great.”

“The online meetings with the teachers is a huge help.  It keeps the kids aware that they are still in school.”

“We are very happy with the program”

“Our family has been very impressed with St. A’s communication about Remote Learning.  We love Sister’s positive messages and agree with everything she has said, especially how this is an opportunity for families to spend time together in quarantine and find chances to make new memories such as special lunches or learning how to Zoom!  Our family has been so impressed with the tireless work of our teachers who have come up with great remote lessons and who always seem to be available to provide support.”



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