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Telephone: (732) 297-3000

Fax : (732) 940-1746

Mail : St. Augustine of Canterbury
45 Henderson Rd.
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

E-Mail : Parish Mail

William Berg musicdir@staugustinenj.org
Roseanne DeBari rdebari@staugustinenj.org
Liz DeLuca ldeluca@staugustinenj.org
Daria Dragan musicdir@staugustinenj.org
Sr. Ruthann McGoldrick srruthann@staugustinenj.org
Sr. Joanne Manns srjoanne@staugustinenj.org
Sr. Diana Yodris srdiana@staugustinenj.org
Deacon Denis Mayer deacondenis@staugustinenj.org
Deacon Jim Rivera deaconrivera@staugustinenj.org
Mary Ann Almestica malmestica@staugustinenj.org
Bobby Beaton bbeaton@staugustinenj.org


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